I can remember the moment I looked in the mirror and realized my skin was changing. The bright, carefree complexion of my 20’s had started to fade and I felt like I didn’t have that same lit-from-within glow. 

I welcomed aging and all the beautiful wisdom, life lessons, and experiences, but accepted that my skin was transforming and required a different level of care. Sunscreen-and-go was no longer an effective method; it was time to love my skin on a deeper level.

My mission was clear: find skincare solutions that are both simple and effective. But it wasn’t that easy. What I thought would be an effortless shopping experience left me even more confused due to the surplus of products and differing opinions. With an engaging career and three children at home, finding time for a 10-step skincare routine just wasn’t an option.

While looking for skincare products on the market, I found myself surrounded by items that had one to two active ingredients in an entire bottle. As a busy woman, I didn’t have time to waste with products full of filler ingredients, nor did I want to sacrifice my skin health with harmful synthetics. I started to think: what if I could condense proven, concentrated ingredients into one or two dynamic skincare items? 

I created Potent Serum for the woman who wants to take back her most valuable asset: her time. We’ve all been that person at the end of the day who barely has the energy to take her makeup off. These powerful products make self-care easy as they are designed for maximum results in minimal effort. Coming from a background in clinical research, it was of the utmost importance that these formulas were designed with advanced scientific data. I created these blends to work hard so that you can get back to those meaningful, captivating parts of life.

It is my hope that Potent Serum gives you the freedom to take back what brings you joy. All with healthy, glowing skin. 

Julie Goodman