Active Ingredients

Active ingredients are the heroes of effective skin care, guarding against free-radical damage, aiding cell turnover, delivering hydration, stimulating collagen production – the list is long. By their very nature, actives perform at their best for a limited window, with potency decreasing over time.

Full Scientific Rationale

AM + PM Blends

POTENT SERUM’s signature AM and PM blends are formulated by Cambridge trained chemists, measured with fierce precision to deliver a full month of nourishment when applied day and night, ensuring peak performance and maximum results every day. Backed by extensive research and published studies.


Delivered monthly, POTENT SERUM is complex skin care made simple.

Our Philosophy

Potent Serum is a beauty brand with soul

We believe in supporting humans in sharing their true selves, not putting up shields of high maintenance skin care routines while inspiring confidence. We don't believe in the term anti-Aging but GRACEFUL aging.

We are a conscious brand and work with integrity. We use sustainable materials in our packaging whenever possible and keep sustainability and fair trade in mind when sourcing our ingredients. We consider ourselves a work in progress and are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to improve our product and supply chain.